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Patient-Centric Marketing: How to Define and Reach Your Ideal Audience

Even the most creative marketing campaigns can fail if it doesn't reach the intended audience. So, how do you ensure your brand shows up when patients seek care? On this episode of Ignite, our hosts, CEO, Alex Membrillo, and SVP of Strategy and Analytics, Rich Briddock dig into best practices for defining your audience, common challenges healthcare groups face, and how to leverage machine learning.

13 mins
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Deep Dive into Behavioral Health Marketing: A Look At Industry Trends and Strategies Part 2

The behavioral health industry is expansive and encompasses a wide range of services. From inpatient treatment to ABA therapy, Lauren and Rich discuss how marketing strategies and priorities shift across the service spectrum. So tune into the final episode of this two-part series, to learn how to engage with patients and drive more leads throughout the mental health marketing funnel.

16 mins
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Deep Dive into Behavioral Health Marketing: A Look At Industry Trends and Strategies Part 1

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, our Ignite hosts Lauren Leone, SVP of Healthcare Marketing, and Rich Briddock, SVP of Strategy and Analytics, dig into the latest marketing trends and best practices within the behavioral health industry. In episode one of this two-part series, the behavioral health experts discuss everything from how the industry has evolved in recent years and what marketing strategies no longer work to the impact of recent FTC complaints and the importance of patient education.

22 mins
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How to Keep the Marketing Engine Running with Paul Sparrow of Chief Outsiders

On this episode of Ignite, Cardinal CEO Alex Membrillo, and Area Managing Partner & CMO at Chief Outsiders Paul Sparrow, go back to the basics and dissect the marketing engine. Too often, healthcare marketers jump directly into patient acquisition tactics without paying attention to the organization’s overall objectives.

24 mins
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Building a Strong Brand: How Lynn Robbins is Guiding Traditions Health’s Marketing Strategy

With 30+ years of healthcare experience, Lynn Robbins, Vice President of Marketing at Traditions Health joins Cardinal CEO, Alex Membrillo, to share her insights into the world of home health, palliative care, and hospice marketing. From conducting market research to navigating staffing shortages, the two healthcare marketing experts cover it all. So, tune into this episode of Ignite to hear the latest trends and challenges within the industry and get an inside look into Traditions Health’s marketing strategy.

30 mins
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How the FTC’s Recent Rulings Affect Healthcare Marketing

The world of healthcare marketing is changing. Recent FTC complaints against GoodRX and BetterHelp,  have caused the government to refine guidelines around the type of information that healthcare companies are allowed to share with marketing technology providers. So, what does this mean for healthcare advertisers?

21 mins
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Insider Tips for Optimizing Your Healthcare Call Center with Michele Santagata

To provide a positive patient experience, healthcare organizations need to consider every aspect of the patient journey, including the call center. While digital marketing can attract potential patients, having a fully-optimized patient acquisition strategy means nothing if your call centers aren’t handling incoming leads appropriately.

23 mins
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Best SEO Analytics Tools

Building Your Analytics Platform in 2023: Essential Tools for Healthcare Marketers

Leveraging the power of analytics to your advantage empowers smarter campaigns and supercharges growth. However, increasing data restrictions, new technology platforms, and the complexity of multi-site healthcare marketing have made it more difficult than ever to gain insight into marketing and business performance.

17 mins
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Maximize Your Practice Valuation: How to Build A Strong Foundation with Provident Healthcare Partners

If one of your goals is to sell your practice in the future, now is the time to start planning. To ensure the highest possible valuation and a smooth transaction, you must have a strong operational, fiscal, and digital foundation. On this episode of Ignite, Craig Sager and Steven Grassa of Provident Healthcare Partners join Cardinal’s Alex Membrillo and Lauren Leone to explore how to professionalize your business and build that foundation.

28 mins
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Navigating the GA4 Migration: The Future of Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare organizations rely on accurate data to make strategic marketing decisions and gain a better understanding of the patient journey. With Google announcing the end of Universal Analytics in favor of Google Analytics 4, healthcare groups are encouraged to migrate to the newer platform ASAP, before the automatic switch on July 1, 2023. Though GA4’s capabilities are beneficial, data is only stored by default for 2 months. That’s why it’s important for healthcare groups to stay informed to ensure a seamless transition with no lost data.

15 mins
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