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Holistic Growth Strategies

Why The Nation’s Top Primary Care & Family Practices Trust Cardinal

We’re Experts In the Primary Care Arena

Our services are trusted by some of the biggest names in the primary care field, and our results speak for themselves.

Your Growth Is Our Goal

We ignite ambitious growth with proven tactics to help you scale your business swiftly and strategically.

We’re Performance Marketing Experts

And we’re performance-driven to boot. We don’t let growth stop at “good enough”—we aim to exceed growth targets, every time.

We’re A Patient-Generating Machine

We’ve helped primary care groups soar to new heights with proven patient generation tactics.

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Cardinal’s medical marketing experts will revolutionize the way your primary care or family practice operates online and connects with both existing and potential patients.

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The Blueprint To Success

Primary Care & Family Practice Digital Marketing Success From Every Angle


If you’re not tracking your primary care or family practice website data, you will never be able to tell which campaigns are driving results, which offers are working, and which pages need better optimization. At Cardinal, we’re passionate about monitoring performance and communicating results; you’ll receive access to all of your data, dashboards, and reports. We don’t just make numbers look pretty; we believe in complete transparency and chart marketing performance against your business goals.

Primary Care & Family Practice Marketing Matters

Help Primary Care Patients Get The Care They Deserve

Find And Engage New Patients For Your Primary Care or Family Practice Facilities

At Cardinal, we understand just how important the right healthcare digital marketing campaign is to your success as an organization. According to Pew Research, 80% of all Internet users are currently using everything from Google to social media to look up health information – including information about specific doctors or health professionals. When you want to let prospective patients know about your primary care & family practice facility, you need to implement a digital marketing strategy that works. Digital marketing is an essential tool for growing your patient base in the competitive gastroenterology industry. Patients who need services will be able to find your facility through your excellent marketing and eye-catching website.

Digital Marketing And SEO For Primary Care or Family Practice Facilities

We want nothing more than to help these patients find YOUR general or family practice through a timely, customized and mobile-responsive website and marketing outreach effort. Our digital marketing solutions are designed from the ground up to help you and your team build trust, respectability and authority on the Internet. Cardinal can help make sure that it is easier than ever to find YOUR practice at such an important time. SEO is a foundational strategy that will help you show up on search engine result pages for long-term success. Looking for a quicker solution to get patients through the door now? Consider digital advertising. Whichever route you decide to take (or whether you decide to combine strategies), you need a mobile-friendly site to help patients easily find your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We can proceed to the planning phase if your existing primary and family care website is well-designed and functional. The only soft requirement we have is that your website should be on the WordPress platform. We highly recommend WordPress because it’s user-friendly, offers tons of plugins, SEO-friendly, and has a well-designed backend.

What if you don’t like the current state of your website? Cardinal is more than happy to help. Our web design experts will make sure that your website looks professional and high-quality to inspire trust and credibility from visitors. Furthermore, we’ll ensure your family practice website works flawlessly on desktop computers and mobile devices, and it features a strong SEO foundation.

Finally, your Cardinal team will optimize your website in a way that will gently guide your visitors toward your sales funnel, resulting in more conversions.

As much as we want to, we can’t or we risk giving false promises. The only correct answer to this question is, it depends.

Digital marketing takes time and requires a multi-pronged approach that involves long-term strategies and execution. If an agency promises quick results like getting “your website on the first page” in just weeks, they’re either lying or using black-hat tactics–the latter will result in massive penalties from search engines and ad platforms.

For an actual timeframe, it depends on various factors like your current marketing status, your competition, and requested services. For instance, your PPC campaign may take off in as early as 90 days. In contrast, it can take about 3-6 months to a year before a full-scale SEO plan will display meaningful results.

With that said, Cardinal will ensure you’re always kept on the loop regarding your campaign. We set performance-based goals for all clients every three months and provide comprehensive reports, KPIs, and strategy roadmaps. Our goal is to develop a mutual understanding of your campaign performance.

Yes, but only digital since we don’t cover traditional “offline” advertising (e.g., print, TV, radio etc.). Cardinal is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides a wide assortment of services that will elevate your practice to new growth heights. Think of us as your one-stop shop for core digital marketing solutions such as SEO, PPC management, web design, conversion rate optimization (CRO), Facebook Ads marketing, and reputation management.

As your strategic growth partner, you’re also leveraging our team’s intimate knowledge and expertise about the healthcare industry, including primary care and family practice. Even if you have an in-house team, we can come onboard as consulting partners and collaborate for your practice’s success.

Absolutely! As your strategic growth partner, our goal is to support your top priorities. During onboarding, we’ll talk about your goals and priority service lines (e.g., wellness visits, physicals, immunizations, etc.). If you want to prioritize potential patients looking for specific services like immunizations and wellness checks, your Cardinal team will help you book those types of patients.

Our main strategy is to develop a robust paid search campaign. At first, we’ll tune up your keyword strategies (e.g., nurture high-performing keywords, use negative keywords), improve your ad creatives and copy (for higher Ad Quality Score), and optimize your account structure–all to drive higher quality leads for your priority service lines.

Next, we can leverage the power of paid social media marketing using Facebook Ads. Here, the goal is to increase brand awareness and generate early demand among local Facebook users. With Facebook’s advanced targeting parameters, we can cover several marketing touchpoints of the patient journey.

At Cardinal, growing multi-location healthcare businesses is where our hearts are. Our digital marketing brand specializes in scalable growth strategies that align with your goals, target audience, and budgets. For instance, we can tweak your PPC ad spend so it prioritizes one or two of your primary care locations that need more patients. Of course, we’re not just going to increase the bids for your priority locations and be done with it. Lead generation and efficiency will remain our central focus.

Our primary goals are to monitor performance, communicate results, and consistent goal alignment, ensuring we’re always on the same page and supporting the locations that matter the most to your bottom line.

Our investment in Cardinal is the best money we’ve spent this year by a mile! The team is incredibly fast-moving, communicative, and helpful; they’ve really become an extension of our team. Our partnership has made our growth stress-free.

Haley Jepson Marketing Manager
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Ready To Ignite Your Growth?

Healthcare digital marketing is essential in the modern era, but one thing it absolutely does NOT have to be is difficult. If you’re looking for more information about how to revolutionize the way your general practice or family practice operates online and connects with both existing and potential patients, contact Cardinal today.

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