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We’ve been in the healthcare performance marketing business for over 10 years. That means we know a thing or two about scaling women’s healthcare brands, and our results speak for themselves!

We Accelerate Growth With Proven Tactics

We ignite swift, sustainable growth for your women’s healthcare brand with proven methods, enabling you to quickly connect with the women most in need of your services.

We’re Performance Marketing Experts

We’re guided by an intrinsic drive to exceed expectations. We don’t let growth stop at “good enough”—we aim to exceed growth targets, every time.

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We’ve helped the nation’s top OB/GYN providers crush their goals with trusted patient generation tactics.

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We understand your performance marketing needs, objectives, and target audience are unique. Let us help you take your women’s healthcare brand to new heights via effective performance marketing tailored to your growth goals.

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Our Obstetrics & Gynecology Growth Tactics


If you’re not tracking your obstetrics & gynecology practice’s website data, you will never be able to tell which campaigns are driving results, which offers are working, and which pages need better optimization. At Cardinal, we’re passionate about monitoring performance and communicating results. You’ll receive access to all of your data, dashboards, and reports. What’s more, we don’t just make the numbers look pretty; we believe in complete transparency and consistently chart marketing performance against your business goals to readjust our strategy when necessary.

OB/GYN Marketing Matters

Help Women Get The Care They Deserve

Find And Engage New Patients For Your Obstetrics & Gynecology Practice

Choosing an OB/GYN is one of the most important healthcare decisions a woman may make in her life. These physicians are experts in female reproductive health, including pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and diseases of the reproductive system. They perform preventive screenings of the reproductive organs as well as the breasts. A woman will see a physician in this specialty from puberty throughout her adult life, so she must feel a high level of trust and rapport with this medical provider. As OB/GYNs strive to build, grow or adapt their practices, specialists face unique marketing and advertising hurdles. We understand your marketing needs and objectives are unique. When you want to let prospective patients know about your thriving OB/GYN practice, it’s time to implement a digital marketing strategy that works. Digital marketing is an essential tool for growing your patient base in the competitive OB/GYN industry. Women who need your services will be able to find your facility through your excellent marketing and eye-catching website.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategies for Obstetrics & Gynecology Practices

Some physicians in the OB/GYN specialty will provide comprehensive women’s reproductive services. Others will specialize in either obstetrics or gynecology alone. When women feel comfortable with a practice and its physicians, they will become loyal patients who make referrals to family members and friends. Just as your patients receive medical care tailored to their specific needs, your practice deserves a marketing plan customized to grow your business. Cardinal’s comprehensive marketing strategy can connect those prospective OB/GYN patients to your practice. SEO is a foundational strategy that will help you show up on search engine result pages for long-term success. Looking for a quicker solution to get patients through the door now? Consider digital advertising. Whichever route you decide to take (or whether you decide to combine strategies), you need a mobile-friendly site to help women easily find your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you already have a perfectly functional website for your OB/GYN practice, we can proceed with planning your marketing strategy. The only soft requirement is that your website is on the WordPress platform. We highly recommend WordPress to all our clients due to its ease of use, endless customization options, and built-in SEO tools. Otherwise, we’ll likely run into optimization challenges while working on your campaign.

If you’re unhappy with how your website looks or functions, Cardinal’s web design experts can help migrate your website to WordPress from any platform and even create a new website from the ground up. We will develop a professional-looking website with a responsive design that works flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices. Plus, we lay the groundwork to ensure your website is scalable for future growth.

It depends. A properly realized digital marketing campaign can catapult your women’s healthcare practice to new growth heights and expand your patient pipeline. However, digital marketing strategies take time and serious dedication to the craft. Therefore, we always encourage our clients to be patient and manage their expectations regarding result timelines. Cardinal is not the right agency for you if you want instant results from online marketing.

The time frame for results depends on various factors, including your current marketing maturity, the competition, and the services requested. For instance, PPC campaigns have the potential to deliver fast results, so it’s not too far-fetched to see positive developments within 90 days. On the other hand, a comprehensive SEO strategy takes 3-6 months up to a year before you’ll see meaningful results.

Having said that, we always set performance and goal metrics for all our clients every three months. We’re big transparency advocates, so we regularly provide in-depth reports, KPIs, and strategy roadmaps. Even with the seeming lack of results, you can trust that we’re working behind the scenes to get your OB/GYN practice where it needs to be, marketing-wise.

Sure, if you want us to. Cardinal is the nation’s top digital marketing agency that specializes in healthcare performance marketing, so we know a thing or two about growing women’s healthcare brands. Our core services include SEO, PPC management, web design, Facebook Ads marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and reputation management. The only services we don’t provide are organic social media posts, email marketing, and traditional advertising (we’re a digital agency only).

When you work with us, you’re leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience working with healthcare brands in the country. Just ask some of the nation’s most prominent women’s healthcare brands, like Boston IVF.

There are numerous ways to improve a visitor’s digital experience while visiting your OB/GYN website and drive them to convert (e.g., schedule an appointment). If you have multiple locations, we can develop a base template that we can use for your other locations and customize each as we see fit. This scalable strategy ensures a consistent and uniform brand across all your locations.

Then, your Cardinal team will also ensure that your website offers a wealth of healthcare content, particularly about women’s reproductive health. This will help us establish your OB/GYN practice as an authority and build trust and credibility among website visitors. While we’re at it, the web design team will create a digital experience with smart content connections, so people can easily search for the information they need.

Of course. PPC management and optimization are our bread and butter. One of the first things to address is your PPC account structure, which is the way to organize keywords and ads into ad groups, then those ad groups on a campaign level. We’ll optimize your account structure for single-themed ad groups and ensure it appropriately leverages Google’s automated bidding strategies.

Next, we’ll work on improving your Ad Quality Score, so your campaign will be rewarded with lower costs per click. To improve your Ad Quality Score, we can use ad extensions and customizers, enhance your ad copy, and tune up your landing pages.

Our investment in Cardinal is the best money we’ve spent this year by a mile! The team is incredibly fast-moving, communicative, and helpful; they’ve really become an extension of our team. Our partnership has made our growth stress-free.

Haley Jepson Marketing Manager
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