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Holistic Growth Strategies

Why The Nation’s Top Physical Therapy Clinics Trust Cardinal

We’re Experts In the Physical Therapy Arena

Our services are trusted by some of the biggest names in the physical therapy field, and our results speak for themselves.

Your Growth Is Our Goal

We ignite ambitious growth with proven tactics to help you scale your business swiftly and strategically.

We’re Performance Marketing Experts

And we’re performance-driven to boot. We don’t let growth stop at “good enough”—we aim to exceed growth targets, every time.

We’re A Patient-Generating Machine

We’ve helped physical therapy groups soar to new heights with proven patient generation tactics.

Ready To Ignite Your Growth?

Cardinal’s physical therapy marketing experts are skilled at creating customized marketing strategies that are catered for your physical therapy clinic.

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The Blueprint To Success

Physical Therapy Digital Marketing Success From Every Angle


If you’re not tracking your physical therapy clinic’s website data, you will never be able to tell which campaigns are driving results, which offers are working, and which pages need better optimization. At Cardinal, we’re passionate about monitoring performance and communicating results; you’ll receive access to all of your data, dashboards, and reports. We don’t just make numbers look pretty; we believe in complete transparency and chart marketing performance against your business goals.

Physical Therapy Marketing Matters

Help Physical Therapy Seekers Get The Care They Deserve

Find And Engage New Patients For Your Physical Therapy Clinic

In the modern era, you would be hard pressed to find something more important to the future of your physical therapy practice than your digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing isn’t just about attracting new patients – it’s also about strengthening your relationships with your existing ones, all while establishing trust and credibility across the board. Patients who need services will be able to find your facility through your excellent marketing and eye-catching website.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategies for Physical Therapy Clinics

At Cardinal, our number one priority involves shattering the myth of the “one size fits all” approach to healthcare digital marketing. We take the time to get to know your physical therapy practice, learning about your strengths and coming up with the right, customized and actionable digital marketing strategy that lets you put your best foot forward and reach the largest possible audience at just the right time. The right search engine optimization (SEO) campaign can help improve your visibility, broaden your reach and allow you to make a positive first impression with those seeking essential physical therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really. If you have a great-looking website that works well, we can move on to planning your digital marketing campaign. We require you to have your website on WordPress because otherwise, we may run into various optimization challenges. We highly recommend WordPress to our clients because it’s easy to use, highly customizable, has a well-designed backend, and is a great CMS for SEO.

If your website is not on WordPress, our web design experts will be more than happy to help with migration. On a side note, we can also help you develop a new website from scratch. We specialize in creating patient-centric healthcare websites that look great and feature a strong SEO foundation. Furthermore, we ensure that your website works flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices.

Once we’re done, you’ll have a sleek-looking website with a scalable framework that grows with your physical therapy practice.

It depends. One thing you should know about digital marketing is that it takes time. Although you may experience seemingly instantaneous results, like a viral blog post, they’re still a product of a broader strategy that takes time to develop and execute. Any agency that tells you they can achieve results in a matter of weeks is likely lying or using black-hat tactics–the latter is a surefire way to receive penalties from search engines and ad platforms.

Based on our experience, the manifestation of results depends on various factors like marketing maturity, competition, and requested services. For example, launching a PPC campaign is quicker, and you may see it take off within 90 days. In contrast, SEO is a foundational marketing strategy that takes time to stand up, develop, and refine, so you’ll likely see results in three to six months to a year.

Even if you don’t see results immediately, you can trust that your Cardinal team is working behind the scenes. We always set performance metrics for all our clients every three months. Plus, we regularly provide in-depth reports, KPIs, and strategy roadmaps to keep our clients in the loop.

Sure, if you want us to. Cardinal is the nation’s top full-service digital marketing agency that provides best-in-class marketing solutions for healthcare groups. Our core services include SEO, PPC management, Facebook Ads marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), web design, and reputation management. However, we don’t provide email marketing, organic social media posts, and offline marketing (e.g., print, TV, etc.).

As your strategic growth partner, the goal of our 60+ person team is to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare space to develop a winning campaign for your PT practice. Even if you already have an in-house marketing team, we’re open to collaborating as partner consultants.

An inefficient PPC campaign is an ongoing drain of marketing resources. Fortunately, optimized PPC management is one of our core services. For starters, our PPC team will audit and restructure your account at a campaign level, ensuring it’s in a state to leverage Google’s automated bidding strategies. A tight and adequately structured PPC account is a surefire way to reduce CPA.

With your account optimized for efficiency, your Cardinal team will be in a better position to evaluate keyword performance and develop new strategies. Essentially, we will nurture high-performing keywords, maintain a list of negative keywords, and pause poorly-performing keywords.

Finally, we can amp up your Ad Quality score by revamping your ad copy and visuals and creating a high-quality landing page experience.

Of course. As your strategic growth partner, our goal is to support your top priorities and service lines that matter most to your bottom line. Suppose you target patients looking for services like manual therapy, Kinesio-taping, or mobility exercises. In that case, Cardinal is the agency that will help you book those types of patients.

One of the main strategies we can use is to launch a robust paid social media marketing campaign via Facebook Ads. The most popular social media platform has advanced targeting parameters that will give us coverage for various touchpoints of the patient journey. With Facebook Ads, we can enhance awareness for your PT brand and generate early demand among local users.

Our investment in Cardinal is the best money we’ve spent this year by a mile! The team is incredibly fast-moving, communicative, and helpful; they’ve really become an extension of our team. Our partnership has made our growth stress-free.

Haley Jepson Marketing Manager
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Ready To Ignite Your Growth?

At Cardinal, we understand how to craft the right digital marketing campaign for your physical therapy clinic – one that not only effortlessly brings together techniques like marketing and web design to form a cohesive whole, but one that lets you reach both potential and existing patients at such an important point in their lives.

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