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Display Advertising Management For Multi-Location Healthcare Groups

Keep Your Brand Front And Center With Optimized Display Ads

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Increase Awareness and Drive Demand

Display Advertising That Feeds Your Patient Pipeline

Blending real-time data with bidding, we create strategic display ad campaigns to meet your audience exactly where they are and deliver unbeatable results. We’re able to deliver the right message to the right people— at the right time —by leveraging the power of machine learning and patient-centric ad creative. Your prospective patients are served targeted display ads that truly resonate and inspire action.

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Why Display Advertising Works

Build Display Ad Campaigns That Ignite Frictionless Growth

Reach Your Audience With Cross-Channel Marketing

No matter where your prospects spend time online, we’ll keep them engaged with your brand at the forefront. What’s more, you’re in control: you get to choose how much you pay to target a specific audience with your ads, and the frequency at which these ads appear.

Build Demand Across The Patient Journey

Our display ad campaigns won’t just capture existing demand at the bottom of the funnel; they’ll generate demand by increasing awareness and affinity across the entire funnel.

Our Work Is Performance-Driven

We’re not just results-oriented, we’re results-obsessed. We continually optimize our display ad campaigns to improve conversion rates and reduce your CPAs.

Integrated Holistic Reporting

We proudly operate on transparency. You’ll always be able to monitor the health of your campaigns in real-time, with a full range of data insights across multiple parameters like regions, new locations, and acquisitions.

Expand Your Reach

5 billion people are on the internet at any given time. Armed with the right targeting parameters, you have the potential reach of millions of people, and we can help with robust display ad campaigns that boost conversions and lower CPAs. Request your free proposal to learn more!

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How It’s Done

What To Expect From Our Display Ad Services

High-Precision Targeting

Thanks to specialized parameters like IP address targeting and geolocation targeting, we’re able to put your ads in front of the people most likely to convert. We also employ high-precision retargeting to work wonders for your brand’s ROI growth.

Customized Campaigns

Great growth results don’t happen with cookie-cutter strategies. We’ll help you develop custom bidding strategies that stay on-brand and on-target so you can maximize ad spend and heighten ROI. From leveraging big data for laser-targeted marketing to real-time optimization, all aspects of the campaign will be set based on your business’ needs.

Reliable Pipelnie Volumes

As your trusted growth partner, we’ll collaborate with you to determine how many impressions your campaign should generate before launch. That way, we know everyone’s on the same page about expectations — and you know exactly how much of your budget to allocate to your programmatic ad campaign.

Efficient Campaigns

Programmatic ads can be monitored in real-time, making tracking easier and more efficient. The instant we detect a weakness in the campaign, we make adjustments so it runs at optimal performance. A specialist will be assigned to your account for constant supervision – this ensures that your campaign is running efficiently at all times.

In-Depth Reporting

We’ll never keep your data from you, nor sugarcoat your results. You’ll receive regular dashboard reports for quick insights, as well as monthly reports provide a highly detailed view into key analytics and next steps for improving performance month over month.

We value our strong partnership with Cardinal and their ability to consistently crush conversion goals, month over month. Communicative and responsive to our business objectives, the team is constantly looking for ways to improve performance and fuel our growth.

Ashley Anderson SVP Marketing
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