Limit Your Risk by Assessing Digital Health

Healthcare Digital Due Diligence for Private Equity

Grow your healthcare portfolio based on comprehensive digital assessments that you can trust.

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Assessments You Can Trust

How Our Due Diligence Helps Private Equity Firms Grow

Every assessment we make is backed by our deep experience growing a portfolio of multi-location companies who’ve trusted our recommendations to make critical investment decisions. We’ve helped some of the nation’s leading organizations rapidly grow and know the essential elements of healthy digital marketing programs.

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Digital Due Diligence for Better Decision Making

Limit Your Risk by Assessing Digital Health

The ever-expanding digital economy creates tremendous opportunities for growth. Digital health can also be a liability for private equity firms that fail to do their due diligence. Don’t go into your investment decisions blind! Our digital health assessments will help you:

Evaluate Digital Prowess

Ensure a proper valuation and make an informed bid based on digital opportunities and vulnerabilities (both seen and unseen).

Reduce Investment Risk

Gain confidence that you’re making a sound investment by identifying potential issues ahead of time.

Plan for Post-Acquisition Growth

Have a plan for the people, marketing technologies, and digital marketing activities that lead to efficient and rapid growth after acquisition.

Companies We’ve Helped Investors Grow

Close More Deals—Faster

Things move fast in the world of healthcare M&A. Leave the burden of comprehensive digital due diligence activities to us. Our team is fast and nimble yet relentlessly thorough. As a result, we can quickly supply the digital insights that help private equity firms make smart investment decisions and improve ROI.

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Our Digital Due Diligence Approach

How We Evalute Digital Health

1. Evaluate SEO Health

Increasingly, search is where people go to make purchase decisions. If a brand doesn’t show up on page one, it might as well not exist. Before investing in a company, you need to dig into its search engine optimization strategy. That means assessing their organic visibility and keyword rankings, website authority, and backlink portfolio. This is the best way to understand their current standing and how long it will take to increase rankings and capture relevant search traffic post-acquisition. Our SEO assessments include:

  • Technical audit and evaluation of SEO foundation (website tech stack)
  • On-page audit and assessment of content breadth and depth
  • Competitive assessment of organic landscape
  • Ranking evaluation for target keywords
  • Domain authority and backlink profile assessment
  • Citations and listings assessment

2. Assess Paid Media Strategy

Digital advertising is an essential component of growth strategies. We assess current digital advertising strategy, evaluate media campaign performance and ROI on spend, and identify strengths and weaknesses.
Is the target company using the latest paid media advertising best practices? Are they leveraging the newest advertising technology and campaign types? Structuring their account for optimal performance and ROI? Our paid media assessments include:

  • Account structure evaluation
  • Keyword strategy assessment
  • Ad quality score assessment
  • Assessment of campaign performance
  • Conversion rate assessment and benchmarking
  • Assessment of advertising tech stack and integration with revenue management software
  • Recommendations to improve performance following acquisition

3. Check Online Reputation

Building a robust digital reputation takes time. A poor digital reputation can be challenging to recover from or even indicate operational issues that might make a company risky. We help private equity firms understand how their acquisitions are viewed by their target market, including:

  • Competitor and benchmark analysis
  • Digital brand and reputation analysis
  • Review generation technology audits and recommendations

4. Audit Technology Stack

Competition in today’s digital economy is steep, and companies can’t be reliant on disparate, antiquated systems. A poor digital infrastructure can make it more difficult to grow and bring new acquisitions on board.
What tools and tech does the company currently use? What should they be using if they want to scale growth? Our technology stack assessments include:

  • Technological threat analysis
  • Recommendations for new marketing technology innovations and opportunities
  • Assessment of marketing systems and data, digital vendor commitments, and compliance considerations
  • Evaluation of digital marketing systems and framework scalability

We value our strong partnership with Cardinal and their ability to consistently crush conversion goals, month over month. Communicative and responsive to our business objectives, the team is constantly looking for ways to improve performance and fuel our growth.

Ashley Anderson SVP Marketing
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Make Your Next Investment With Confidence

As essential as digital due diligence is, we recognize that not all private equity firms have the time, resources, or expertise to conduct their own. Yet, the risk of making investments without understanding the digital health of your acquisitions is significant. So we’ll help you save time vetting your next acquisition so you can make more deals faster.

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